Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Summertime ....  What will fill your days?  Swim lessons?  Music camp?  Bike rides?  Lemonade stands?   BOOKS?

Just in time for our summer reading pleasure is the Association for Library Service to Children's 2012 list of Notable Children's Books .   My experience from all those years in public schools and at my local library have convinced me these librarians know what they are talking about.  Seems there are plenty of fluffy-stuff-books for kids out there.  Our children deserve the best.  Who better than these wise folks at our libraries that spend their days surrounded by kid-lit and watching young people respond to literature to give us guidance?   Check out the list.  You might just find your favorite kid's new go-to book!

Why add books to your Summertime Things-To-Do list?
  • they make you think and wonder and smile (and sometimes cry)
  • they're free at the library
  • they're a great buy at garage sales
  • they can be enjoyed with others or by oneself
  • they teach you a bundle of new words
  • they don't break
  • they aren't made of plastic (at least most of them)
  • they make one's imagination grow BIG
  • they are perfect for a rainy day
  • they are a quiet activity (unless you act them out which would be tons of fun)
AND ......

  • they help you fall asleep
As you can see, this little guy loves things with wheels. He already has that wonderful winner from the ALSC list Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker .
His other love is DOGS.  Am headed out for A Ball for Daisy by Chris Raschka.  It's a wordless book and the description on the ALSC list intrigued me as did the NPR interview with Raschka.

Today I am wondering what books you will be enjoying with your kids and grandkids  this summer.   

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