Friday, May 18, 2012


At a mother's day gathering last week, a friend told a story that I want to remember the next time I get really scared or start to head toward catastrophe mode.

Last January her relatives were aboard that ill-fated Italian cruise ship that ran aground and sank off the Tuscan coast.  When ship personnel made an announcement for passengers to return to or stay in their cabins, the dad instead hustled his daughters into life jackets and got them to the side of the ship where they each climbed down a very long rope ladder into a lifeboat below.  While descending, the six year old's loose tooth came out.  She held it in her mouth while she worked herself down the seventy feet of swaying rope ladder.

I love her response when the adults in her life learned of this and asked her about it ..... I wanted the tooth fairy to come and visit me!

For some of us it takes a good deal of effort to focus on the good and exciting things that surround us or are coming our way on an average day. But in the face of that much fear and chaos?

How did she keep her focus on something so delightful as a magical night-time visitor?  I wonder.
And I hope that Tooth Fairy was generous!


  1. Children have so much to teach us - I love these little snapshots you are sharing.

  2. Awesome! And perhaps holding onto that tooth during her whole ordeal helped her stay calm and make it through. Faith is important!

    1. Yes - cool thought ... when she couldn't take anything with her, the tooth became her good luck talisman. Thanks!