Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kid Courage

steep terrain ....
He can jump into the pool from the diving board.  She can pet the scary dog.  He can speak in front of the whole class …… they are so brave.
But what about the children who can tell the truth even when their parent or teacher might get angry or be disappointed in them? What about the kid who can speak up to his friends who are not treating others nicely?
Isn’t that courage too? And perhaps even a bigger kind?  The kind that can come with ostracism and loneliness vs accolades and attaboys.  Do we teach that kind of courage? Do we recognize and honor that kind of courage ?


  1. I'm remembering a girl from my neighborhood who always stuck up for the underdog and told bullies they should be ashamed. I remember people saying she was naive and would grow out of it.

    In 30 years she still sticks up for what she believes in. She became vice-presidents of two national television stations, founded a company and opened the New York Stock Exchange. If we were all so naive...

  2. Good for her. Takes a bucket-load of courage.
    Enjoy your time back EAST!